AREC Total Solution for Media Capture

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Powerful communication tool

New products require marketing events and marketing department wants to show them to customers and coworkers in real time.
AREC Media Capture System supports live broadcasting. With AREC Media Capture System, you can stream a live product launch show on YouTube, Facebook Live and many other similar broadcasting platforms. You can of course upload the video and make it available after the event.


YouTube channel- ArecNordic


Please visit our YouTube channel – ArecNordic for information and recordings, enjoy yourself!



About AREC

AREC Inc. is a manufacturer specializes in the integration of multidisciplinary products, and committed to the integration and appliance of software and hardware, including sensor data interception, video / audio compression process, multimedia network streaming and interactive information process by our leading R & D technology and insistence on high quality.

AREC successfully integrated and developed the professional Lecture Capture Solution, including Network Cameras, Lecturer Auto-Tracking System, Smart Media Station, Lecture Publishing Platform, Media Station Management Platform as well as Smart Media Center. Products except sensor-related equipment are all designed and developed by AREC and possess the characteristics of easy deployment and integration. AREC Lecture Capture Solution is currently the most flexible and effective device in the market and can be widely used in school education, enterprise training, surgical teaching and other applications.


Product Media Station KS-2

Arec has again made the market exited by introducing the new Media Station – AREC KS-2. This new product will give the standalone media capturing market a whole new vision for its business!

Besides traditional media capturing markets like educational, corporate and medical use, AREC KS-2 is a cost effective solution perfectly designed for personal channel owners. Sharing media has nowadays become one of the most popular activity.

*** We have simplified the way it works, but we have kept all the AREC advantages. Only to name a few here:

1. “PLUG-n-PLAY” design
2. Almost no IT knowledge required
3. Recording and live broadcasting (YouTube, Facebook and many others) at the same time
4. Industry only GUI (Graphical User Interface) design
5. Free to choose recording an edited video, or both (original source file and edited video) for later re-editing
6. Real portable solution (easy to travel with).
7. Remote controller, like using a TV at home


Record. Storage & Backup.                       Live Streaming. Remote Managemant  

Your business. Your life. Your future.  

Learn From Us

Arec the professional solutions provider of audio/video lecture capture, offers comprehensive products with easy installation and simple integration features.

Based on IP networks and video streaming technologies, Arec focus on multi-signals capturing, recording, compressing, synchronizing, transcoding, streaming and distribution.

Arec's live and on-demand video solutions are used in a wide range of applications such as education, corporate training, medical education and meeting recording for organizations to meet specific needs.

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