Opera house Gothenburg

The Gothenburg Opera is the first Theatre / Opera house that will use Arec equipment for recording and streaming, Read more below!

Theater & Opera

 The Gothenburg opera uses Arec’s video capture system.

The opera house in Gothenburg used to hand out DVD’s of the rehearsals

to its employees – after having to compress the file. Now, thanks to Arecs

Media Station, the rehearsals are available on any platform after just a couple of minutes.

-This is exactly what we wanted. It is really easy to use and the stage managers thinks it is really nice, says Per-Eric Dahlberg at the Gothenburg Opera.

Be your own rock star

If you have trouble finding a record label that believes in you?

Be your own! 

Blog internet show

In order to make more people enjoy sharing their own story/video. Arecnordic is proudly presenting the new AREC cost effective solution: KS-2, which will lead media capturing industry to be closer to the daily users.