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▪ Media Station               ▪ Auto-Tracking Camera                   ▪ Auto Tracking Scanner                 ▪ Network Camera   
▪ Student Tracking System                                                         ▪Media Collaboration System 

Media Station

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AREC Total Solution for Media Capture
Recording & Backup Live streaming Multi-Sources Capturing Video Production
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Media Station KS-710
Media Station MS-550

Media Station LS-300

Media Station KS-2
Media Station MS-650

Media Station KL-3W

A true all-in-one solution:

Full HD synchronized recording Storage

management Video broadcasting and remote access


Auto-Tracking Camera

Perfect Combination of Auto-Tracking Technology and a Compact PTZ Camera

Full HD camera with precise auto-tracking, auto-zoom and auto-focus functions, in order to always keep the presenter in close-up, the Auto-Tracking Camera CI-T21H

10x optical zoom, 270° pan and 60° tilt, and Full HD (1920x1080@60fps) video quality, making this camera ideal to fit mid to large sized rooms for any conferences, events, classes, trainings and so on.


Combining RJ-45, HDMI and USB outputs, AREC Auto-Tracking Camera can be used with AREC Media Stations for Lecture Capture, any Video Conference System, either HW or SW-based, and even stream to a Live Streaming Service directly


Presentation video



Auto Tracking Scanner

Auto-Tracking System (TP-100)


Automated tracking and orientating.

No interference with any other object.


The world’s first auto tracking mount

compatible with diverse types of camera


Presentation video



Network Camera

Network Camera


  • Network Camera CI-430 30x optical zoom
  • Network Camera CI-303 3x optical zoom
  • Network Camera CI-218 18x optical zoom
  • Network Camera CW-210 10x optical zoom Wireless



Close-up focus view when a student/audience speaks

S1 Student Tracking System      

AREC Student Tracking System automatically switches close-up focus view when a student speaks up during class. The simple to install tracking system can be set up to provide multiple student close ups within a single classroom, and does not require the presence of auxiliary camera and software calibrations to minimize cost and complexity.


Video - recording done with S1, see the result!

AREC KL-3W Portable Media Set

Portable Media Set KL-3W

AREC KL-3W is a lightweight, wireless, portable and all-in-one Media Station, allowing users to simultaneously capture, switch, mix, stream and record live activities in a simple and efficient way.
Bundle with AREC Wireless Full HD Network Cameras (2), Wireless Microphone (1), Mini Travel Tripods (2), and Hand-Carry Case (1), AREC KL-3W Portable Media Set is the most convenient and complete media capture solution on the market.


Presentation video

Media Collaboration System

Collaboration or remote training


SG-1 Media Collaboration System can be combined with existing audio visual equipment, such as presentation sources, cameras, and displays, including projectors, interactive whiteboards or interactive monitors. Users can easily install Collaborative Station in a classroom, meeting room, working space, medical environment or any spaces where people discuss topics and create ideas.

One single SG-1 can stream and record.